Tinmouse Launches The Good Hour

Member News  |  19 November 2021

As part of Tinmouse’s company mission to do good, they will be launching The Good Hour on November 19th.

The Good Hour, an open challenge to freelancers and small businesses to spend one hour a month generating new ideas to improve sustainability within their business.

Creating a community led space where like-minded individuals can exchange ideas and create awareness of how they can use their businesses for good, with a focus on sustainability, the climate and recycling.

Participants who are willing to take The Good Hour pledge will receive free downloadable guides to help their business become more sustainable. Plus interviews with green-changing companies making a difference in their businesses, access to our sustainable suppliers list and exclusives on our new Good Hour podcast.

Being a small business it’s often costly to certificate yourself with the big green organisations. Don’t get me wrong they are doing some incredible work and their credentials are something we should all strive for, but does the process and cost un-inspire the little guys? The Good Hour isn’t anything revolutionary, but we are proud to be driving the sustainability momentum amongst freelancers and small businesses. Our pledge for people to spend one hour a month generating new ideas to improve sustainability within their business will hopefully give smaller companies and freelancers the platform and confidence to use their business for good. We’re small at Tinmouse but we’re making big changes and want to inspire others to do the same. Through The Good Hour we can do that and the more ‘little guys’ we can get involved the bigger change we can make.

Tom Sanders, Creative Director and Founder of Tinmouse

The Good Hour is Tinmouse’s initiative to start businesses on the right track, to encourage and make it easier for them to start to make the changes towards sustainability. Further details about The Good Hour can be found here.

For further information, please contact Charlotte Somerston on 07834 825 454.