HaZimation announces expansion and hiring opportunities

Member News  |  07 December 2023

The indie studio HaZimation, launched in 2021 by Producer/Director HaZ Dulull and Producer Paula Crickard, is expanding with an office opening in Belfast at the gaming and tech hub The Pixel Mill.

HaZimation is expanding and that means hiring! HaZimation have just completed a feature animation Max Beyond (aka RIFT), which they are planning to release in spring 2024 with a console game based on the film to be released in early 2025. Utilising Unreal Engine as a core tool, the company has pushed the boundaries of its IP into multiple platforms, building worlds that span live action, gaming and animation.

They recently wowed audiences at the Belfast Media Festival with their keynote on Transmedia, specifically their Fortnite project Moontopia, which earned a November feature spotlight by Epic games and numerous press coverage.

We are in a very exciting time when it comes to producing original IP that can cross pollinate into various mediums by leveraging the power of Unreal engine and gaming platform Fortnite, when adopting a transmedia approach to storytelling in film, series and games simultaneously.

HaZ Dulull, Producer and Director

HaZimation operate a hollistic development and agile production approach.

At heart, we are storytellers who love great characters and are fascinated by the “what if” question. Everything we create has multiple purposes and therefore, multiple revenue potential. We are so excited to be heading into production on our second feature animation which brings all these elements together. Now we need to find great artists who share our love of world building to help us create amazing cinematics for both AAA games and indie animation.

Paula Crickard, Producer

HaZimation are now in pre-production with their second feature animation, Mutant Year Zero, based on the PC/console game of the same name, published by Funcom. They are also creating in-game cinematics for several AAA games and are looking for the following roles: 3D generalists and shot animators. See their full spec here.