Animation & Design Studios celebrates their 5-year anniversary

Member News  |  11 June 2019

Salamandra Design & Digital Ltd., the creative visual problem-solver with studios in Eton and St Andrews, is celebrating its fifth birthday and looking back on its many animation and design successes over the past five years.

Since its launch on 19 June 2014, Salamandra UK has garnered a loyal clientele by offering slick motion graphics, masterful title sequences, bespoke branding, 2D/3D animations/illustrations, engaging explainers, unique content marketing campaigns and powerful presentations. It has since become one of the top animation and design studios in South East England with a significant percentage of the regional market, and a number of quality clients nationwide and overseas.

Already in 2019 Salamandra UK has secured some of its biggest ever wins, as the animation and design agency also opened its studio in St Andrews, Scotland, and created new animation and marketing positions, further supporting its expansion.

Salamandra UK’s 2019 has broken new ground creatively with a raft of powerful productions – including the creation of animations within virtual reality; the combination of 2D/3D animation, film editing and motion graphics for presentations; the process of designing fictional branding; the making of animated book previews; and the animation of conferences with 3D illusions.

Recently, Salamandra UK has also hired several passionate creatives such as innovative animators Marcus Bowler, Nicholas Francisco and Fred Watts, and St Andrews-based Art Director Emma Rhodes.

“We have surpassed all expectations in our five years and loved every moment. We’ve created many visual stories, had a massive impact, demonstrated a serious commitment to animation and design, built a deeply loyal clientele and had a lot of fun. Our creatives have flourished. It has been an exciting time and the results vindicate the team’s incredibly hard work. We are looking forward to a bright future of continued innovation.”

Christine MacKay, CEO/Producer Salamandra

To celebrate its fifth birthday, Salamandra decided to make its own series of five festive animations which will be released over the coming weeks.

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