Stop-motion icon returns in Peperami’s new spot with A+C Studios and Fearless Union

Member News  |  08 April 2024

Animal is back! For Peperami’s latest commercial, A+C Studios, alongside agency partners Fearless Union, have refreshed one of advertising’s most notorious characters, following an almost decade long hiatus from TV.

The spot’s production was undertaken at A+C’s studios in Margate, with the in-house team collaborating with the agency to seamlessly blend stop-motion, CGI and live-action to achieve an updated, yet authentic return to the beloved character.

Partnering with globally renowned puppet artisans Mackinnon and Saunders meant that the Animal’s reimagined character design retains the quintessential stop-motion aesthetic, whilst modernising it for 2024’s audiences.

When the agency first called the studio about bringing back Peperami’s Animal, we jumped to bring such an iconic character back.

We wanted to be as true to the likeness of Animal’s appearance as possible. We used traditional techniques along with 3D printing to create the puppet. We watched all of the original ads to create a set of rules for the character to be as authentic as we could to the original.

Dan Richards, Founder of A+C Studios

It’s been a privilege to bring one of adlands’ most iconic characters back to our TV screens. ‘The Animal’ is such a nostalgic force that staying faithful to what makes him great, whilst also moving him along has been a real journey. We had some oversized Doc Martins to fill – but the work displays our dedication to staying true to an unforgettable brand, while finding a way to speak to a contemporary British audience.

Mark Campion, Fearless Union

The spot will run across TV, VOD and across socials, highlighting Peperami’s diverse range of snacks including Chicken Bites and Pizza Buns. Watch the video below.


  • Brand: Peperami
  • Client name: Laura Trivulzio, Emily Prince, Iris Levert
  • Creative agency: Fearless Union
  • Creative Director: Mark Campion
  • Creatives: Darren Cox, Miles Bingham              
  • Planner: David Craft     
  • Account Handler: Patrick Flynn
  • Producer: Paula Mackersey
  • Production Company: A+C Studios
  • Director: Dan Richards
  • Executive Producer: Paul Gotham
  • Producer: Ollie Perrin
  • Director of Photography: Kevin Paul Lawrence
  • Focus Puller: Amir Aal
  • Gaffer: TC Thomas
  • Stop-motion Animator: James Harvey
  • Assistant Animator: Harry Law
  • Stylist: Lynsey Fox
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist: Nina Robinson
  • BTS: Jake Ben-David
  • CGI Artist: Mitchell Kendall Smith
  • Digital Artist: Jay Smith
  • Clean-up Artist: Billy Stoker
  • Editor: Stuart Clark
  • Production Assistant: Polly Chromatic
  • Live-action Camera Kit: Emmyland
  • Live-action Lighting Kit: Greenkit
  • Puppets by Mackinnon & Saunders
  • Workshop Supervisor: Kevin Scillitoe
  • Sculpting: Noel Estevez-Baker
  • Mouldmaking: Tom Pilling
  • Armatures: Naomi Sharpe
  • Armatures: Victor Villalba Perez
  • Silicone Works: Mark Thompson
  • Painting: Paul Davies
  • Digital Image & Print: Anthony Fallows
  • Puppet Production Support: Rosetta Cassini
  • Model-maker: Emily Bond
  • 3D Printing: Billy Stoker
  • Additional Model Making: Jon Ellis, John Aston & Jerome Thomas
  • Casting Agency: Blueprint
  • Casting Director: Vicki Scarlett
  • Talent: Alec Hopkins & Martin Wright
  • Voice-Over Artist: Keith Wickham
  • Grade House: Electric Theatre Collective
  • Colourist: Conner Coolbear
  • Colour Producer: Oliver Whitworth
  • Audio Production: Bark SoHo
  • Sound Designer and Mixer: Markus Ffitch
  • Media agency: 7 Stars  
  • Catering: Modern Provider & Picnic