Bluey x The Simpsons mashup: when two cultural icons collide

Member News  |  17 June 2024

A+C Studios partnered with BBC Studios to unleash their creativity and imagination to wonder what may happen if Bluey and the Heeler’s lived in Springfield.

The team grabbed some of the Bluey characters, designed some beautifully recognisable backgrounds and crafted this wonderful stop-motion mashup of two of the world’s favourite families. The studio even managed to dust off the melodica to recreate the theme tune. Just remember to not cheat on the obstacle course!

The film’s conceptualisation and production was undertaken entirely at A+C’s studios in Margate, with the in-house team collaborating to seamlessly blend stop-motion, 2D, and CGI to achieve this compellingly charming mashup.

The film has received a sensational reception on Bluey’s social media channels, amassing more than a million views within the first two days of posting, with viewers agreeing that this is the crossover that nobody had asked for, but everybody needs. Watch the film below.