Reasons to join

The voice of Animation

We are the collective voice for animation in the UK, to cement our position as a distinct part of the creative and screen industries, support our business value and celebrate our art and excellence in the UK and on the international stage

Influencing Government policy

We proactively raise issues, drive the debate and lobby to influence Government and its agencies and other organisations making decisions that affect our members

Finger on the pulse

We constantly scan the horizon for opportunities and threats that arise for our members and then seek to influence the outcome to their advantage

Business advantage

As well as being advocates for the animation sector, we provide benefits for our members such asĀ  exclusive business intelligence and access to export markets

Building the talent pipeline

The skills of your workforce and fresh talent are the lifeblood for the success of your business. We are actively engaged with Government and its agencies in education, and skills policy. From school, through FE, HE, apprenticeships, careers advice and CPD, we drive change to create the skills pipeline from which your company can grow and thrive.

Promoting your success

We promote our members and their successes, both nationally and internationally through our website, news letters and our presence at conferences, festivals and international programme markets

Collective action

We provide our members with a forum to debate the issues that matter with their peers.

We recognise that there are times when our members want to compete but there are also times when only collaboration will achieve change that benefits all

Strength in numbers

In a time of political turmoil, there is no better time than now to be part of a strong trade association that speaks up for your company to government.

We could not attempt such an ambitious programme of activities without the support of our members and sponsors