Return to Work Scheme for Post & VFX gives 10 placements

Above: Return to Work Scheme celebration at 116 Pall Mall

Ten parents and carers have successfully completed paid placements within the Post Production and VFX sector as part of ScreenSkills Return To Work Scheme in association with Film London, concluded today with a networking lunch in partnership with UK Screen Alliance.

The 2018/2019 scheme concluded with a networking lunch in partnership with UK Screen Alliance today (Thursday 2nd May) at 116 Pall Mall, to celebrate the returners’ achievements. After all completing a paid placement, many of the returners have now been offered extended placements or full-time positions, contributing toward wider skills and diversity within the specialised sector.

ScreenSkills Return To Work Scheme in association with Film London supports parents and carers who have taken a career break and are keen to come back to work in the Post Production and VFX sector for high-end TV, providing them with training workshops, a specialised mentor and a paid company placement.

The most recent scheme concluded with a networking lunch attended by participating returners, mentors and companies, as well as wider Post and VFX companies.

“With more and more opportunities becoming available within the screen industries, the Return To Work Scheme strives to make sure that these opportunities reach those who are looking to return to the industry. Their skills, experience and creativity are vital at a time when High-end TV is booming. These differences in experience enrich the industry and the content we create, and by helping companies cast a wider net when it comes to recruitment we hope to play a part in maintaining our industry’s success.”

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission
Above: Return to Work Scheme celebration at 116 Pall Mall

As a nationwide programme, placements were secured in London, Bournemouth and Wales at the following Post Production and VFX companies; Molinaire, BlueBolt, Outpost (Bournemouth), Bait Studio (Cardiff), Freefolk, JellyFish Pictures.

“The Visual Effects industry changes at such a pace that it can be very daunting for someone who has not worked for a while to come back in. We really enjoyed having a returnee in the studio with us and are pleased to have been able to give her the chance to work on live shots again. It was a very simple process for us and the returnee as Film London gave so much support, we’ve love to be involved again in the future.”

Peter Rogers, Managing Director at Bait Studio, 2018/19 scheme participant

“The High-end TV Skills Fund wanted to support those wishing to return after a career break because their experience is too valuable to lose. The pace of technological change in VFX and post-production can create particular problems for parents or carers returning to work, so we are pleased to have been able to offer constructive help for them.”

ScreenSkills Director of High-end TV Kaye Elliott
Above: The most recent cohort of Returners celebrating their placement completion.

The placement took into account carers returning to work, something that I didn’t think was possible so would not normally mention when applying for jobs. Film London are such a hands on team that have helped me in every way possible, from providing me with a friendly and compassionate mentor, to setting up Skype meetings when I couldn’t attend a session. I have been connected with top companies which would not have been possible on my own, and I now have a support group of returners who all help each other find work and share opportunities.”

Ommelyla Gilani, Compositing Returnee at Bait Studio

“It’s been great to be supported and surrounded by so many women, in a such a successful company and to be a part of changing the narrative of post production behind the screen.”

Celine Duvinier, Post Production returnee at BlueBolt