Numberblocks bursts into five new international language markets

Member News  |  24 March 2023

The Learning Blocks family YouTube channels, including the Numberblocks and Alphablocks, have collectively hit over 10 million subscribers.


Alphablocks Ltd. and Blue Zoo announce new Numberblocks YouTube channels and apps to launch in five foreign languages, including German and Korean. 

Numberblocks has seen fantastic popularity on Broadcast channels since being commissioned by the BBC for its CBeebies channel in the UK. The English language Numberblocks YouTube channel has over 5.3 billion views and has just broken 6 million subscribers. 

With the popularity of the YouTube channel, the Blue Zoo digital team expanded last year into the Spanish and Portuguese markets with Numberblocks Español and Numberblocks Portugues to resounding success in countries such as Mexico, Chile and Brazil. This has been followed by the recent launch of Numberblocks in German and Korean. 

The team is exploring more potential language markets to build on this success. As Numberblocks continues to grow on YouTube’s free-to-use platform, Blue Zoo and Alphablocks hope to see a positive impact on families globally. In the UK, the national school curriculum has been brought forward to accommodate young children’s improved understanding of maths.

Multiple Numberblocks apps, such as Meet the Numberblocks, Numberblocks Hide and Seek and Numberblocks World, which are produced by Alphablocks Ltd. and Blue Zoo digital, boost educational content for preschool children.

The Numberblocks shows carefully map out an exciting maths learning trajectory for children, which works with curricula around the work, making this the perfect brand to deliver on interactive and on demand platforms internationally. The positive initial reception to our foreign language YouTube channels, coupled with the popularity we see through global distribution, is very encouraging and we’re excited to see children around the world benefit.

Stephanie Gauld, Digital Director at Blue Zoo

This is a very exciting time for us here at Blue Zoo Licensing. With the huge demand both in the UK and internationally for all things Blocks and with the appointment of international agents in key territories and the expansion of the product offering both in the UK and globally, we look forward to what will be an extremely busy year! Our focus is to continue to build brand awareness, especially amongst retailers, and continue to sign high-quality licenses that reflect the ethos of the show and that fans and their parents have come to expect!

Karen McNally, Licensing Director at Blue Zoo