MadMicrobe brings cinematic storytelling to SciTech marketplace

Member News  |  29 February 2024

The medical animation pioneer has launched a new animation service in the science and technology sector.

MadMicrobe Studios is bringing its unique brand of scientific storytelling to the engineering, science and technology sectors. The team is leveraging its expertise and success in bioscience animation to help industrial clients visualise their products, technologies and factory spaces. MadMicrobe will deliver cutting-edge innovations in staggering and accurate detail, to help its partners attract more investors and customers.

We have spent years building our reputation and our team of science communicators – and we’re ready to expand our offering. Engineering and technology is a genuine area of interest for us and a space where we can thrive creatively. Our tagline – ‘Where Science Meets Cinema’ – is more than a catchphrase, it’s our guiding ethos and our pledge to clients: we deliver cinematic storytelling with scientific authenticity. I’m thrilled that we are bringing these ground-breaking animations to industrial sectors.

Joel Dubin, Partner and Global Creative Director at MadMicrobe Studios

Founded in 2015, MadMicrobe Studios specialises in creating medical animations for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. It rapidly built a reputation for a collaborative, creative approach to storytelling that provided cinematic visuals, while remaining faithful to the underlying science.

By 2020, MadMicrobe had delivered hundreds of animations to some of the biggest names in biotechnology. The team then expanded into an exciting new sector, bringing their medical expertise and visual flair to TV audiences. In 2022, horizons widened still further as MadMicrobe opened a European office, increasing its reach and capacity.

Now MadMicrobe will bring the ‘Science Meets Cinema’ ethos that has told hundreds of engaging medical stories to the worlds of science, engineering and technology. The team will cover all industries, including specialist sectors such as aerospace and renewable energy.

Watch their Sci-Tech animation reel below.