Jellyfish Pictures Meets A-List Security Requirements with PixStor Storage For Blockbuster Projects

Member News  |  13 November 2019

Jellyfish’s new PixStor secure multi-tenancy capabilities allow the leading VFX and animation house to meet exacting security standards whilst delivering collaborative workflows.

BAFTA and Emmy award-winning VFX and animation house Jellyfish Pictures is leveraging the power of PixStor’s new secure container services, to meet the highest security accreditation standards, whilst supporting collaborative workflows across its multiple sites. The new services are provided by Pixit Media, the software-defined storage and data-management solutions for Media and Entertainment company.

“PixStor lets us containerize different projects, create secure virtual environments and set granular rules for each – with virtually no overhead into the stack and no architectural bottlenecks. The performance offered is identical to the native file system on the PixStor server, offering high-availability and the ability to fine-tune our performance and storage requirements. With PixStor, we can now avoid the high management and cost burden of running separate infrastructure stacks for each client.  It means that we can control our costs and be more flexible and responsive.”

Jeremy Smith, CTO Jellyfish Pictures

Established in 2001, Jellyfish’s combination of creativity, technological prowess, and reputation for security has established it as a major player in the international VFX and animation industry. Attracting A List clients and with recent blockbuster titles across film and TV including Star Wars, The Innocents, Black Mirror and many more on its slate, it has already worked extensively with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) to ensure that all its sites are security compliant and certified to protect its clients high-value assets.  

Jellyfish Pictures delivered over 100 shots across three sequences for the second anthology film in the Star Wars series following Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Image courtesy of Jellyfish Pictures.

A long-term Pixit Media client, Jellyfish relies on PixStor software-defined scalable infrastructure as its central storage platform to unify users, applications and data into a single environment and enable collaboration with guaranteed sustained high-performance – on-premise, across multiple sites and into the Cloud.  

With content security an increasingly pressing concern and non-negotiable requirement amongst clients such as Netflix and HBO, Jellyfish is now benefiting from PixStor’s new secure multi-tenancy capabilities to isolate client materials in a TPN-compliant manner within the PixStor environment.

“Meeting security audit requirements is an increasingly vital task for the production and broadcast communities at all levels. We have worked closely with leading players in the market, such as Jellyfish and Red Bee Media, to develop a storage solution that is compliant with evolving industry standards. With PixStor, we have a single solution that lets our clients drive secure and collaborative workflows, to grow their business and take on increasingly ambitious creative projects with confidence.”

Ben Leaver, Pixit Media Co-founder and CEO