Flying Duck Studio Lab unveils their first animated ident

Member News  |  02 June 2023

The studio unveils the short animation, Field of Ducks, created by Motion Graphic Designer and Animator, Ploy Motion.

Field of Ducks

The captivating piece, Field of Ducks, marks Flying Duck’s first ident and initiation as an animation and design studio. In the heart-warming tale, an ageing farmer, who once owned a multitude of ducks, is paid a visit by a young customer seeking to purchase one of his cherished fowls. To the farmer’s surprise, all his ducks have mysteriously vanished, and it is revealed that they have joined the ranks of Flying Duck Studio Lab. The animation captures the essence of the studio’s creativity and the allure that attracts talent from all corners.

Ploy, an experienced Motion Graphic Designer and Animator with over a decade of expertise, spearheaded the creation of this remarkable piece. Renowned for her exceptional skills in 3D animation and her dedication to promoting diversity in traditionally male-dominated fields, Ploy brings a fresh perspective to Flying Duck Studio Lab. Her passion for innovative and complex projects shines through in every frame.

During the creative process, Ploy embraced her artistic freedom, resulting in an animation that effortlessly aligns with Flying Duck Studio Lab’s logo and ethos. Drawing inspiration from her personal projects, Ploy meticulously developed the narrative, employing a mood board curated from her extensive collection of inspirations. This approach allowed her to craft a cohesive visual experience, ensuring the perfect marriage between pacing, shots and musical style.

Utilising a range of software, including Cinema 4D, Arnold, After Effects, and ProCreate, Ploy brought the film’s world to life through mesmerising 3D animation. Starting with hand-drawn sketches, she translated her vision onto the computer, refining each shot’s composition and placement. The result is a short film that seamlessly blends texture, colour and movement.

The short film is the first of many shorts produced by Flying Duck, in collaboration with their collective of freelance animators and directors, of which Ploy is a member.

As a new Creative Studio, it is a privilege to have a collective of talented animators and directors who see the potential in what we can achieve. These idents will showcase the range of design, animation and skills coming from our filmmakers in a variety of styles. Ploy Motion did a fantastic job creating our first short and we are proud to have a brilliant female 3D animator in our pool of artists.

Alixe Lobato, Creative Director of Flying Duck Studio Lab