Member News  |  10 September 2019

Leading kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE has announced that Total Dramarama, the prequel to the original Total Drama series, will roll out in multiple territories this year.

Total DramaRama – Image courtesy of CAKE Entertainment

Following its strong debut on Cartoon Network US and TELETOON in 2018, Total Dramarama is set to air on Cartoon Network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Eastern Europe, Latin America and APAC as well as premiering in the UK on POP, in France on Teletoon and Canal +, Italy on K2 and DeA Kids, in Spain on Super3, in Australia on ABC and in Israel on Noga.

Produced by Fresh TV, in association with TELETOON and Cartoon Network US and distributed internationally by CAKE, Total Dramarama is now in production on a second series, bringing the total number of episodes to 104 x 11’. The second season is set to debut on both channels later this year.

Aimed at 6-11 year olds, Total Dramarama, re-introduces original Total Drama characters as toddlers and places them in a daycare centre.  With their fully-formed teen personalities still intact, Owen, Courtney, Duncan, Izzy, Beth and Leshawna are wise beyond their years and able to outsmart Chef at every turn in a hilarious series of unpredictable adventures! 

“We are thrilled with the reception Total Dramarama has received from international buyers.  Young viewers will now have the opportunity to experience the flavour of Total Drama coupled with its hilarious cast of original characters in a totally random take on this hugely popular franchise.”

Ed Galton, CCO & Managing Director at CAKE

Total Drama is a multi-award-winning franchise from creators Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertschand first aired in 2007 with Total Drama Island. The first animated reality series for tweens, it was an instant hit and over twelve years later, continues to generate high ratings, garnering a huge fan following from all over the world.