Blue Zoo Animation Studio collaborate with team behind Peppa Pig to create exciting new show, Mojo Swoptops

Member News  |  11 June 2024

Mojo Swoptops (52 x 11 mins) is the brand new CG-animated comedy action preschool series from Blue Zoo Animation Studios (The Adventures of Paddington, Numberblocks) and Tararaboom, coming to CBeebies this Autumn. 

Mojo Swoptops

Based on the Ladybird book series by Cindy Black and Rich Ward, Mojo Swoptops follows the everyday adventures of a little truck that swops its top! Together with Mojo’s best friend Bo, a mechanic, they help solve the problems of the friendly inhabitants of Swoppiton.

The show has been presold into 8 major territories and a second series is already in the planning stages. This major new series has been commissioned by CBeebies, the BBC’s preschool television channel, renowned for its high-quality, engaging, and educational content for young children. Mojo Swoptops is set to join the impressive line-up of beloved shows, bringing its unique blend of humour and action with heart-warming moments between the two lead best friends.

In an exciting development for the project, production will be taking place at Blue Zoo Animation Studio in the UK and Kazoo, the newly established animation studio in Lille, France. Kazoo is a collaborative venture between Blue Zoo Animation Studio and Samka Productions, combining the creative expertise and resources of both studios. Mojo Swoptops marks the first project to be undertaken at Kazoo, signalling the beginning of an exciting new chapter in international animation production.

Mojo Swoptops will be directed by Dominic Minns and Olly Brown. Dominic directed Supertato, the smash hit comedy action show for Cbeebies.

I’m thrilled to be involved in bringing Mojo Swoptops to audiences around the world. It’s been such a joy to work on this special series, filled with humour, action, and problem-solving. Mojo is a little truck with a big heart who solves problems by switching out its tops for new skills and abilities. I think kids are going to love going along for the ride with Mojo and friends. We’ve assembled a fantastic crew and we are really proud of what we have created. I can’t wait for families to meet Mojo when the show launches later this year.

Dominic Minns

We are delighted to premiere Mojo Swoptops on Cbeebies this autumn and look forward to our young audience falling in love with Mojo and best friend Bo as they help their local community. Mojo Swoptops is a fantastic example of a British property that appeals to a truly international audience.

Kate Morton, Head of Commissioning and Acquisitions 0 – 6 at BBC