Animation UK publishes skills analysis audit revealing animation sector skills gaps

Opinion  |  16 November 2018

Animation UK has published a skills analysis of the UK Animation industry, which highlights skills gaps and workforce shortages in the sector: ‘We need to talk about skills – an Animation UK Skills Analysis’.


In terms of quality, inventiveness, technique and humour, UK animation is world class. Our successes and our characters have become part of the national heritage, entertaining and educating generations of young people in the UK and internationally. The animation sector has huge cultural impact and it also has the potential to have significant economic impact.”

This report, produced by Animation UK and funded by the Animation Skills levy, collects together all current data on skills and employment in the Animation sector. It draws on national data sources, up-to date employer surveys conducted by the UK Screen Alliance and a wide-reaching survey carried out by Animation UK. It highlights the fact that Animation is continually under-served by national data sources. It shows that our workforce continues to draw from up to 30% EU and international artists
and creative talent, this is both a positive as well as being necessary as Animation companies recruit heavily from Animation Schools outside the UK. The report also illustrates the many skills gaps and shortages now emerging as brakes to growth.

We cannot let this situation continue. And we won’t.

Animation UK will continue to work with the sector, the skills partners including ScreenSkills, the BFI and the NextGen Skills Academy to tackle these issues. In particular, Animation UK will now focus its efforts on creating a positive dialogue and partnership between the industry and education to ensure that our skilled young talent pipeline directly feeds into and supports the Animation sector in the UK and we out a halt to the skills drain..” – Kate O’Connor. Executive Chair. Animation UK

The objective of the skills report is to:

  • Review existing data sources to identify what intelligence can be gathered about the size, shape and characteristics of the UK’s animation workforce.
  • Establish the skills shortages and gaps impacting on the current UK animation industry.
  • Forecast any future skills needs and the factors that might impact on industry growth.
  • Gauge industry views on training and education provision.

The report is available to view here

View the info-graphic below: