Animation UK: Funding for more short content, the missing rung on the ladder


As one of the only countries without this public investment, the UK has seen a downturn in the industry producing shorter form work (films), and without a strategic investment to support talent and creative development, we have lost a vital part of the structure which supports animation and develops content of the future.

Whilst the pre-school market has been well developed in the UK, animation is not just limited to this age group and demographic – there is a definite untapped potential for older children, teenagers and adults.

Working closely with partners Animation Alliance, the BFI and the Arts Council England, this is the key priority for 2018.  We have also pledged a new funding opportunity for shorts development in the industry.

This pledge sits alongside our wish to ensure the animation sector will benefit from the new funds as part of the Industrial Strategy; to support animation through the Cluster Partnerships and Immersive Technologies-Audiences of the Future programme. The future of reaching new audiences surely lies in animated content and storytelling in the forms of VR/AR and funding can help the sector prepare and develop these.

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