Aniboxx and Channel 4 premiere their short film collaboration UNCLE

Member News  |  30 May 2024

The Aniboxx and Channel 4 collaboration, scripted by Jake Wiafe, premiered on Channel 4OD.

Aniboxx Studios, in collaboration with Channel 4, premiered their latest short film, UNCLE, which is now available on Channel 4OD. Crafted by talented writer Jake Waife, assisted by Jide Johnson and Nelson Nkhata, this extraordinary narrative is rooted in a true anecdote, offering audiences a transformative odyssey that explores themes of courage, identity, and the pursuit of software engineering dreams.

UNCLE unfolds in the 80s, following a young man with knowledge and ambition, as he leaves Africa for the promises of London. Facing hardship and disappointment, he finds solace in a janitorial job. Despite ridicule, his expertise in solving a computer problem earns him respect and success, challenging preconceptions about the land of opportunity.

This collaborative effort not only tells a compelling story, but also exemplifies the shared vision of Aniboxx Studios, Channel 4 and Jake Wiafe to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse storytelling landscape.

UNCLE came from a conversation I had with a Black elder, who told me amazing stories about his life. While talking, he spoke with great sadness about how many of his generation had even better stories but were taking them to the grave as no one was interested in sharing them, so that’s exactly what I wanted this project to do! While the stories we share will be real, the use of animation and the decision to name every protagonist either AUNTY or UNCLE helps to protect anonymity, while thematically reinforcing the idea that these amazing stories could belong to any of our elders. Finally, the folktale theme was inspired by the similarities I noticed in how my mother would casually recount stories of her youth and how my uncle told us Nigerian folktales when I was 7, and the idea that, just like folktales, our life stories could be passed down in easily accessible ways and long outlive us.

UNCLE aims to appeal to all ages, and pique people’s interest in folktales from all over the Black diaspora and back home. (Also to provide some gentle commentary on how the UK has and hasn’t changed in its attitudes towards Black people and immigrants!)

Jake Wiafe, Writer of UNCLE

Watch UNCLE below.


  • Writer: Jake Wiafe
  • Assistant Writer: Jide Johnson
  • Voiceover Narration: Nelson Nkhata
  • Voiceover of Supporting Characters: Jide Johnson
  • Character Design & Storyboard: Jide Johnson
  • Animation: George Vary
  • Production: Aniboxx Studios
  • Commissioned by: Little Dot Studios