Raising Investment in UK Originated Animation Content

1 July 2019

One of Animation UK’s most important roles is to monitor and advocate for increased investment in new animation content. We do this on many fronts and have achieved real successes.

We actively argued for the Contestable Funds to be focused on Children’s content and we continue to inform and input into the new Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF) as a member of the Steering Group. Our focus will now be to ensure this vital fund is used to invest in animation alongside live-action and animated content aimed at all age groups.

We will continue to monitor and flag any barriers that impact on animation in respect of securing match funding and ensuring that production time and downstream revenue impacts are taken into account in terms of the three -year pilot.

Linked to this we liaise with OFCOM on the responses from Broadcasters to the Children’s Content Review which should set out their redress to the market failure.  Animation UK argued for regulation specifically aimed at increasing UK originated content for all age groups and in line with PSB values to reverse the evidenced-based decline in high quality, high value and free-to-air PSB content. The YACF is part of the solution, more significant direct investment by all PSBs is also required.  Over the summer we will be in discussion with OFCOM to examine the PSB responses to the Children’s Content Review.

 As members of Animation EU we also continue to work closely with our EU and UK partners and the UK Government on securing continuity for Creative Media Funding, so essential for animated co-productions.